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 If you come by air flight from any city in Colombia. Airport Almirante Padilla City Riohacha can board a taxi. The Hotel Arimaca as the most recognized of the Department of La Guajira, as most residents know their location, only that you mention the name of the hotel, the taxi driver immediately accompany the facilities of our Hotel and during his He stay. The transfer from the airport to the hotel lasts 10 minutes drive and cost $ 5,000 Colombian pesos, Two US Dollars. If you arrive by land, in intercity bus in the same terminal of transport you can drive a taxi to our facilities. The transfer from the Terminal of Transportation to Hotel lasts 8 minutes drive and cost $ 4,000 Colombian pesos, between one and two dollars.

If you reach the city of Riohacha in his own car from the city of Santa Marta or failing Magdalena Department, which is the border with La Guajira Department. Hardly the first traffic light you find at the entrance of the city of Riohacha, turn left, the light is in a 4-way street to more easily position yourself as follows: If you reach the first traffic light hand left you will see the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF). There junction located on the left looking for the West, because you are located in the South, continues to anger the North and right if right hand turns to anger the East. Therefore perform it on the left that is the West. Just drive right up the street will lead to the Avenida la marina, sea and you will notice the city, continue your shift, you will achieve your vehicle visible from a tourist dock before the dock is the Arimaca Hotel, is a building on the corner of Third Avenue marine. There we are attentive to receive it.

If your arrival to the city of Riohacha, from the Department of Cesar (Valledupar). The route of arrival at the Hotel becomes much easier, you come from the South that is that same road will lead to the north of the city, continue straight until you reach Avenue Marine, you will notice that it is located there because there end street, and continues the sea. When the end of the street, turn left to spot the hotel on the first corner. There we are attentive to their arrival.

If you are from the country of Venezuela or uses the route to go to Riohacha Maicao. As soon comes to town and watch the first variant on the right (called Circunvalar), take this, it will lead to the Avenida de la Marina. At this point continue left, achieved see the sea and pier in the city and of course the Hotel Arimaca, on the left side. There we are attentive to their arrival.

Street 1 Av. La Marina No. 8-75
Commutator (5) 7273481 – 7273515 Fax (5) 7272239
Riohacha – Colombia